commencement of the executive operation of Iran’s first conveyor belt factory

 The executive operation of Iran’s first conveyor production factory in Alashtar, Lorestan, has begun. ‎

‎According to the Public Relations of  IMIDRO,‎‎ the Alashtar Conveyor Project was implemented in line with ‎‎IMIDRO’s‎‎ policies to develop domestic manufacturing and prevent Outflow of currency .‎

‎Kanyar Saii Company (Kanisa), the employer of this project, operates with the shareholding of Mines and Metals Investment Company, Tooka Foolad, Sangan Steel and Tajali, has signed the contract for this project with the participation  Gostaresh steel industries and Sepahan Meta-Research in the form of EPC.‎

‎The construction of the country’s first conveyor factory has been implemented in the shortest possible time after the signing of the contract.‎

‎In addition to Cut off dependence on foreign countries, the construction and completion of this factory will save $70 million per year and industrial development in Alashtar.