Managing Director of  National Iranian Steel Company visited two steel complexes in Miyaneh

 Managing Director of  National Iranian Steel Company and the accompanying delegation visited Azerbaijan Steel Company and Miyaneh Steel Complex‎

‎According to the Public Relations of  National Iranian Steel Company, Dr. Ghobadi Samani visited the DRI unit of Miyaneh and the under construction steel making project of this complex and was informed about the measures taken and its timing program.‎

‎After the visit, the Managing Director of National Iranian Steel Company, in a meeting with the presence of the prosecutor and the governor, emphasized the need to solve the problem of obtaining provincial licenses as well as local opponents, and also the need for more cooperation and assistance of the province’s managers.‎

‎After a while, Dr. Ghobadi Samani participated in a meeting with the contractor and consultant of  Miyaneh Steel Making Project, in which the necessary reports were being presented to him.‎

‎He stated: Due to the delays, the process of construction, speed and progress of the project should be continued seriously so that we can see the opening and operation of this steelmaking unit very soon.‎

‎Managing Director of  National Iranian Steel Company, after receiving the report and reviewing the mentioned issues, asked for executive proposals with scientific and technical backgrounds.‎

‎He continued: “The continuation of the SBQ development project is dependent on obtaining the necessary permits.

‎According to this report, Dr. Ghobadi Samani and the accompanying delegation then visited the rebar production line of  Azarbaijan Steel Company. Then in a meeting with the presence of the board of directors, the Managing Director and the technical and executive managers of the company, he listened to the  report of Managing Director Azerbaijan Steel Company, and then Mahdavi, the chairman of the board of directors of this company, mentioned the obstacles and problems facing the development in this regard, and in order to solve these obstacles, he presented the suggestions of the board of directors.‎

‎According to this report, the Managing Director of  National Iranian Steel Company, after expert discussions with the attendees of the meeting, stated: “As a soldier, I am at the service of these two complexes. And I will use all my efforts to advance development goals and actions.