General introduction

National Iranian Steel Company has more than half a century of experience in execution, construction and management of steel and mineral plants. The company has a reputation and historical background at the international level, which is briefly referred to its formation and background:

In 1959, the first major step of the government was to form a technical organization suitable for the creation of steel industry in the country called “National Iranian zob-ahan Company” to produce steel by Blast furnace method.

In 1972, National Iranian Steel Industries Company was established with the aim of creating steel making units by DRI method and supplying their required iron ore.

In 1979, after the victory of the Islamic Revolution, National Iranian zob-ahan Company and National Iranian Steel Industries Company were merged and “National Iranian Steel Company” was created.

As a result, the most specialized company active in the field of mining and steel industry of the country was formed.

The National Iranian Steel Company (NISCO ) has been active since its establishment until 2001 as the only specialized company  in the management and leadership of steel mills and the implementation of mining and steel project. In fact without any exception, all major mining and steel mills of the country have been implemented by NISCO.

Mobarakeh Steel Company as the most important sheet manufacturing plant in the Middle East during the imposed war was implemented and exploited by this company.