Quality Policy

Quality Policy

National Iranian Steel Company (as a specialized steel industry company) within the framework of the policies of IMIDRO is responsible for sustainable development, empowerment and competitiveness of the country’s steel industry . This would  be operational in the Detailed below ways:

Strategic Studies, Preparation of Development Plans and Comprehensive Plan monitoring of the country’s Steel Industry

Effective supervision on the implementation of the development plans of the country’s steel industry chain in accordance with the master plan

Defining investment packages and steel chain development plans to increase productivity and value creation

Policy and guidance for localization of steel industry technologies and equipment

Executive management of IMIDRO’s Cooperative Steel Projects

Effective exploitation of steel units under supervision and improvement of their performance

In order to fulfil the mentioned tasks, the maximum satisfaction of all stakeholders including shareholders, employers, society, customers, employees, suppliers and business partners is considered as the core values of the company. active, creative and responsible participation of all employees, continuous improvement and design and cost-effective provision of services is emphasized by management of the company.

To achieve acceptable quality and its continuous improvement, a quality management system based on ISO 9001:2015   is being established and believe that the effectiveness and efficiency of this system is possible with the participation and responsibility of all employees of the company.


. F0r this reason, I call all colleagues at different levels to help the management of the company to fulfil its duties by studying and understanding this policy and the quality of the company and their full acceptance. I commit myself to perform every effort to meet the requirements of this standard and other relevant laws and regulations and to ensure its continuity and progress through continuous supervision, including periodic meetings of management.

In order to maintain and upgrade the quality system, my representative has the necessary authority and cooperation and assistance of all colleagues in this regard, and is obliged to ensure the efficiency, effectiveness, cohesion and integrity and continuous improvement by using various methods including justification and training of personnel, guiding documentation management system and assessing the performance of employees in establishing quality management system by conducting internal audits

Mohammad Aghajanlou